artist statement

I have been making art for as long as I can remember, but I have come to painting relatively 

recently and it has opened up a whole new way of seeing the world. I have  developed a body of work that has evolved from small and careful landscape “portraits” in my early work to the larger, looser and more expressive recent work; a style that better describes the expansiveness I feel when I paint.


My paintings speak to a love and memory of place. My work represents both plein air and studio work from photos and imagination. I paint the landscapes I love – from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to the coastal islands of Maine. More recently, I've been inspired by travels in the West. My inspiration comes from the dramatic and constantly changing elements of sky, land, water, and especially the edges where they meet and merge. I paint in oils and find I am drawn to the sensory richness of linseed oil, lush pigments, and the “give” of brush on canvas. 


I begin a painting by getting into the place – either literally or figuratively - where I can breathe in the light and color around me, hear the waves and wind, and feel the joy and peace of being part of the landscape. I focus on a composition and a palette that balances strong contrasts, repetitive patterns and the dynamic atmosphere around me. When my work is going well, time disappears and the paint flows. I know a piece is done when the art teacher in me says it’s time to take the brushes away. 


I hope my work will evoke in the viewer a memory of having been in places like these, or a yearning to feel alive in the elements – be it a sudden squall, the peace of a coastal fog, windswept clouds flying over granite summits or stillness of a mountain pond.


     © 2021 by Linda Gray. All rights reserved.